The Lioness sisters and the 7 Wonders of Nambiti

lioness and cubs by Stephanie Washington

The Lioness sisters and the 7 Wonders of Nambiti

Almost a full 365 days ago, this exciting lion adventure started on the Nambiti Private Game Reserve, when two lionesses were flown in from Tswalu Game Reserve in the Kalahari to their new home in Nambiti. This was done to introduce new genetics and improve the current lion genetics on the reserve, which is key to maintaining a healthy lion ecosystem.

The anticipation was palpable as they were placed into their Boma (a fenced area where the new inhabitants can adjust to the new terrain and home they have been transplanted to). The sisters recovered well and were watched carefully over a period of weeks. Many questions were sent through by guests on social media about their health and how they were adjusting. Our hearts were warmed knowing that it is not just those on the Reserve that was invested in the wellbeing of these lionesses.

When released, the sisters cautiously left the enclosure and merged with the browning grass and trees. They have not been recorded as having left the South of the Reserve, and seem to be pleased to stay where they are. They are happy in their new home, hunting regularly and looking fit and healthy.

It was noted that one of the two cats was becoming more elusive in October 2021, and it was mentioned that she may be pregnant. A mere two months later, the same behaviour was observed with the sister as well. They became harder to track and much more content to remain out of sight. This brought with it nervous anticipation that there may be cubs on the way.

In what is usually considered the hottest time of Summer in South Africa, February, we received confirmation from Guides that cubs had been sighted. Both lionesses had healthy cubs, the one sister delivering 4 and the other birthing 3 cubs. The cubs were born weeks apart but with the sisters joining  each other, they now have a small pride of lions. It appears that there are 4 males and 3 females in the litter.

These cubs have been the delight of our guests and game rangers. They are curious, rambunctious, and enjoy exploring immensely. The Nambiti cubs have earned themselves the nickname of ‘The 7 Wonders of Nambiti’, and they have been living up to their nickname by providing guests with the most adorable poses to photograph while playing and learning how to be lion cubs.

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