The Tail(s) of four Cats at Nambiti Private Game Reserve


The Tail(s) of four Cats at Nambiti Private Game Reserve

As with any reserve, Nambiti will occasionally relocate animals and bring new ones on to the reserve to create depth in the gene pool of the particular resident species. Doing this helps to keep from interbreeding and ensures that animals are healthy and strong.

We pride (do you see what we did there?) ourselves on our cats.

They are the focus of many guests’ camera lenses and illicit ‘oooohhhhs’ and ‘aaaahhhhhs’ on a frequent basis from the game vehicles when they are located. True enough, real-life wildlife is not a Disney story and is not for everyone. It is tough, rugged, and a case of survival of the fittest. It seems that our cats are pretty adept at taking care of their survival though, and indeed, seem to thrive.

There have been many requests across social media for updates on how our beautiful transplants are doing, so we thought we would let you know.

Cheetah males

The two male cheetahs from Nambiti were about 20 months when they were relocated in June 2020. This was to prevent interbreeding with the mother, Kanya. The two new cheetahs came from Selati Private Game Reserve and settled into the Boma for the first two weeks to adapt to their surroundings.

Once the cheetah boys had grown accustomed to the new habitat, they were released and started hunting regularly as they settled in.

Two Tswalu Lionesses 

The two beautiful sisters were relocated from Tswalu Game Reserve in April 2021 at the age of 3. The reason for their relocation to Nambiti Private Game Reserve was to introduce new genetics onto Nambiti.

They too spent time in a Boma to settle into their new home habitat and have since settled in well in the south of the Reserve. Both of the lionesses have had healthy litters of cubs with the first in November 2021 and the second within December 2021.

The cats are all adapting well to their new home and we look forward to seeing how the cubs grow and indeed, how their prowess grows in the coming years.

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