Friends of Nambiti

Nambiti Private Game Reserve has the power to change lives.

Set in KwaZulu-Natal on 23,000 acres of unspoilt wilderness, its incredible animals, its rich culture, and its important history have the power to have a profound effect on those who are fortunate enough to visit. The park showcases rich biodiversity, with savannah, grasslands, bushveld and diverse landscapes and is home to the Big 5, numerous other game species and huge numbers of birds, insects and other life. A visit to Nambiti not only allows us to escape from the demands of modern life, but it gives us the chance to reconnect with ourselves and our place in the world. But now the time has come to take the power of Nambiti and allow it reach far beyond the limits of the reserve, to impact your life whether you are here or not, and to impact the lives of thousands of others who may never visit.

You see Nambiti is far more than its amazing animals and natural wonder. It is a place where we are pushing the boundaries of ecology, community, and conservation in the work we do and now we’re giving you the chance to be a part of that by becoming a ‘friend of Nambiti’.

What does that mean?

Well, it all begins with a choice, a choice to make a donation, however large or small that help us continue the incredible work we’re doing both in the reserve and in the communities which surround it. It might help us continue to protect our endangered rhino, or to uplift those in the region who have limited opportunities. And by making that donation, it will ensure that not only are you helping this work to happen, but in return, you’ll become part of our family, which means we’ll ensure you are kept up to date with the latest work we’re doing, the latest news from Nambiti and ensure you have the chance to secure a place at future fundraising events that will take place.

Our vision

The Friends of Nambiti will grow to become a global community of people with a shared passion for this incredible place and who want to contribute to preserving the work it does and all it stands for. Your donations and your interest in our work, will ensure we continue to make a positive impact on the ecosystem we have developed here, on the protection of our animals and on the communities around us, whose future is intertwined with the long-term success of Nambiti. By becoming a friend of Nambiti, not only are you showing that Nambiti has made an impact on you, but you are – in return – making a meaningful impact on the world around you.

The possibility of partnership

As well as welcoming individuals into our family by becoming Friends of Nambiti, we want to extend that invitation to organisations too. We are looking for brands and in-country partners who share our passion for he environment, ecology and who want to support programs that reach disadvantaged young people in South Africa.