What are some of the things to do at Nambiti Game Reserve?

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What are some of the things to do at Nambiti Game Reserve?

Nambiti has a fantastic accommodation network in the 9 (soon to be 10) Lodges spaced across the Private Game Reserve. Across the reserve, there are a number of activities that guests can take part in during their stay at a Lodge of their choice.

Activities at Nambiti Game Reserve

Some of the activities that can be done include the following:

  • Fishing
  • Nature walks
  • Bush picnics
  • Guided game drives
  • Spa treatments
  • Historic sites

Depending on which of the Lodges you decide to stay at, there are a variety of activities you can partake in. The Lodges all offer a different combination of facilities and activities to suit different tastes and budgets.

You could potentially start the day by greeting the morning with sipping coffee on a private deck, then going for a game drive to see wildlife in a way you have never experienced before, and finishing the day off with dining under a spread of twinkling stars in a Boma at night, OR celebrating the new day with a hunger-busting bush breakfast, and getting personal with nature on a one-on-one walk.

Having a spa treatment is a way to welcome yourself to a natural haven and maximise your relaxation, or perhaps you would like to try your hand at fishing for bass in one of the dams on the reserve? There are historic battle sites both near and in the area to visit and take in the history that forged this land. Or perhaps you would like to experience the wild in a completely new way by enjoying an outdoor feast along the river with a bush picnic.

Cascades picnic site

Cascades - Nambiti Game Reserve

Cascades picnic site is an idyllic riverside picnic site utilised by the Lodges to treat their guests to a bush picnic, lunch or breakfast.

Guests are treated to the beautiful view upriver of the water cascading down the rocks as it flows through the reserve.

Enjoy conversation and some relaxation aside the water while you are served drinks and a meal to the sounds of the river.

Don’t forget to shoot a picture at this iconic spot to show your friends and family where you have been and what you have been up to. Tag us or use the hashtag #nambitigamereserve so we can share your experience too.

Cascades - Nambiti Game Reserve

The Krans picnic site

This site is named for the cliff and rock formations (Krans meaning a precipitous or overhanging wall of rocks).

This beautiful picnic site will introduce you to our nature reserve in a way that is decidedly different, where bush picnics, breakfasts or proposals are made possible with the backdrop of stunning nature.

Guests can rest in the shelter below a tree and enjoy a picnic or indulge in a little fishing or swimming in the river when the flow is suitable.

If you want to take a dip in the river, there are convenient stairs built to make it a bit easier to climb in and out.

The Krans - Nambiti Game Reserve

Nambiti is fortunate to have ample water on the reserve which means that both flora and fauna are well watered and thrive. KwaZulu-Natal receives the majority of its rains in the summer season, which can mean great thunderstorms including lightshows of lightning and thunder. It also means that sometimes the rivers may be in flood.

Currently (Summer 2022), the surrounding areas have been in the news with much flooding in local towns and some people needing to be evacuated. The amount of water in the area is incredible.

Nambiti is fortunate to have rivers bursting their banks and flowing strongly. There has however been the casualty of a bridge or two.

Our most recently built steel bridge (pictured below) appears to have been all but annihilated. We will need to assess the damage once the waters have receded, but it appears that this area is impassable at the moment.

None of the Lodges have had restricted access or any issues due to this. Guests, however, have had the chance to experience some excellent 4×4 skills on the game drives as game rangers have had occurrences of slip-sliding through muddy paths.

Come and visit a top game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal where you will find Big 5 wildlife, over 200 bird species and a massive variety of flora. If you want a game reserve experience that you will never forget; visit one of our 9 Game Lodges which offer everything from safari camp to 5-star accommodation, catering and game drives. At Nambiti Private Game Reserve, we pride ourselves on taking care of the flora and fauna in our reserve and providing a memorable safari experience that you will not easily forget. Make your booking at nambiti.com/contact-us/.