The Newbies Guide to Birding fun in Nambiti Private Game Reserve

giraffe ride

The Newbies Guide to Birding fun in Nambiti Private Game Reserve

After the recent rains, the reserve has become a birding paradise. There is so much bird activity that birding enthusiasts will undoubtedly be in seventh heaven.

Summer in the bushveld. It is the promise of rains and lush green vegetation transforming the landscape into the perfect setting for a feast of note, which is an invitation that our feathered friends are unable to resist.

Around every corner, you will find them. From seed eaters, insect eaters, lovers of sweet nectar to magnificent birds of prey bringing joy to the heart of every birding enthusiast.

With such diverse ecosystems within the reserve boundaries, there is a home for a varied range of birds. Where the food is bountiful and nesting sites perfect for raising a family, our birding fans will be rattling Latin names to their heart’s content.

Coming across a kill on a game drive can make for an awe-inspiring sight of the feathered kind; as nature’s birding clean-up crew moves in, taking the form of the majestic vultures, in a feeding frenzy, squabbling for a tasty morsel.

For lovers of aquatic birds, the dams are the place to be. Here, there is a myriad of water-loving birds wading through the waters in search of that perfect tasty mouthful.

Even viewing big game, you are guaranteed to come across some quirky feathered characters enjoying a safari of their own, with comfortable perching and onboard snacks provided.

giraffe ride

Last but not least, just imagine your birding fan self on a game drive with the setting sun as the cloak of night falls. When you least expect it, there it is – the magnificent, elusive bird of the night, the owl. 

If you are a birding enthusiast, you will undoubtedly now know that Nambiti Game Reserve should be on your list of places to visit. Aside from the diversity, you would be in great company with nature guides who are often permanent Twitchers too.

Why not take a look at our website and find accommodation that suits your holiday time, and make a booking. 

We look forward to birding with you.


Supplied by Amanda Joubert.