Diversity of Nambiti

Diversity of Nambiti

Africa is known for its diversity, from the wildlife to its people. Nambiti holds an impressive diversity of natural areas, from breathtaking waterfalls to the vast plains of the savanna. Here is a glimpse into the complexities of what Nambiti has to showcase.

As you leave the comfort of your lodge to enter the world of the African bush, you will be transported to another world. In the warmer months when you visit the grasslands, long-tailed widowbirds, and pin-tailed whydahs perform their courtship dances. Females will choose their mate and produce the next generation of birds to repeat this display year after year. The grasslands hide many other wonders such as cheetah cubs playing and exploring under the watchful eye of their mother, or serval cats stalking unsuspecting rodents.

As you turn the corner, you have left those vast open grasslands and entered the densely wooded bushveld. Here the kudu browse the acacia trees, and the giraffe scan the hillsides as they tower over the treetops. In the shade of the trees rests a pride of lions, full from a recent feast. Not far from the serenity, a territorial black rhino bursts from the thickets protecting his area from unwanted visitors.

The drive through the eastern and northern areas of Nambiti takes you through more rocky terrain. Rugged ridgelines tower over plunging gorges, boulder-strewn outcrops reveal ancient volcanic activities and cascading waters incise and expose what lies beneath. It is here that you can find roosting birds, like the Lanner Falcon, Rock Kestrel and the endangered Southern Bald Ibis.

The journey continues as you enter a world of water. Each section of the reserve has a river running through it. In the south, the non-perennial Ndaka River, in the central region the non-perennial Emnyameni River and in the north our perennial Sunday’s River. There are many dams dotted throughout the areas to the south of the Sunday’s River which bear testament to the agricultural past. Life abounds around water; you could find yourself watching elephants cool down in the flowing river while young calves play in the shallows, kingfishers hunting for aquatic snacks, while dragonflies and damselflies whizz through the reeds.

All this excitement slows and stops as you stop to watch the sunset over the horizon as the bush goes to rest for the night, however, there is a whole other world of wildlife that wakes up to the nocturnal rhythms.

The aardwolf raids termite mounds, the aardvark exits its burrow to start its night time routine, the porcupine shuffles along to forage and nocturnal birds hoot and toot, making Nambiti not only an adventure during daylight hours, but also at night.

The diversity on display in the natural world of Nambiti stands alongside a variety of lodges that offer top quality accommodation, world class cuisine and a peaceful atmosphere to rest and recharge.