Seasonal Changes at Nambiti: A Journey Through the Year

Seasonal Changes at Nambiti: A Journey Through the Year

Nambiti Private Game Reserve, nestled in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, is a haven of biodiversity, and each season introduces its own narrative, punctuated by the behaviours and movements of its inhabitants.

Summer (December to February): As the land receives the blessings of summer rain, the landscape bursts into various shades of green. Amidst this verdant expanse, elephants can often be seen revelling in mud baths, taking a break from their wandering. Birds from Europe and North Africa paint the skies, singing their foreign tunes and adding vibrancy to the air. Lions, enjoying the cooler nights, become more nocturnal, with their roars echoing under the starlit African sky. It’s also a time of new life, with many animals introducing their young to the vast expanses of Nambiti.


Autumn (March to May): With the atmosphere offering a gentle respite from the summer’s warmth, leopards start to capitalise on the transitional environment. The changing foliage, while still dense, offers glimpses of these elusive cats as they navigate their territories. Buffaloes, in their formidable herds, gravitate towards dwindling water sources, often becoming a focal point for predator-prey dynamics. Birds, sensing the impending departure, become more active, making it a treat for avian enthusiasts.


Winter (June to August): Cool, dry air defines Nambiti’s winter landscape. The thinned vegetation is a canvas for the cheetahs, Africa’s speedsters. Their golden coats stand out against the brown backdrop, and their daytime hunts become a spectacle in these clearer terrains. Rhinos, with their prehistoric aura, bask in the winter sun, often accompanied by oxpeckers seeking ticks. At night, the hyenas’ laughter breaks the silent chill, hinting at their nocturnal escapades and scavenging journeys.


Spring (September to November): The resurgence of life is palpable as spring awakens Nambiti. Giraffes, with their long necks, are often seen feasting on fresh shoots of trees, while their calves take tentative steps in the vast world. Zebras, in their monochromatic splendour, engage in playful bouts, their patterns dazzling against the sprouting green. With the return of migratory birds, the mornings are filled with symphonies, announcing the full circle of seasons.


Every season at Nambiti Private Game Reserve is a chapter in an ongoing saga. The land, its animals, and their ever-evolving dance ensure that each visit offers a fresh perspective, a new story, and an undying memory.