12 of the best shared images on Nambiti Private Game Reserve for 2021

12 of the best shared images on Nambiti Private Game Reserve for 2021

We all love looking at people’s vacation images, especially when they reflect the fun of activities and beauty of a destination. Hence the rise in popularity of picture-sharing apps and software.  Nambiti Private Game Reserve regularly enjoys guests posting online and tagging us in their experiences at the Reserve. The beautiful photos and videos help people online to be able to share the joy of the moment with you.

Having been privileged to witness this, we have selected some of the best-shared images by our guests on the Reserve for 2021 to share with you, our audience. We want to give credit to the photographic skills of our visitors who have captured these moments so artfully.

@thewildtogs image

The @thewildtogs captured this lion so well. We have some incredible cats on the Reserve and this image pays homage to that.

@iamta10da images

@iamta10da capturing mood and colour so well in this photo. An incredible look into life on the Reserve.

@jessiestuart images

@jessiestuart captures this gorgeous cub taking a moment of rest from playing. The contrast in the image is striking and emphasises the lion cub.

@benmaxwell_za images

@benmaxwell_za took some amazing images of this black-backed jackal curiously investigating flying ants. Absolutely stunning photograph.

@larabothaphotography images

@larabothaphotography illuminates this elegant giraffe against the skyline. You can almost feel the texture in this image.

@smithkendall images

This image by @smithkendall is one of our favourites, because it features one of ‘our’ favourites. The legendary BFE of Nambiti. Also, it is just a really great image that allows you to understand the size of this magnificent elephant.

@mat_trus images

@mat_trus does incredibly well to capture this quizzical and almost comedic expression of a kudu.

@steven_freese_photography images

@steven_freese_photography has produced some beautiful images during visits to Nambiti. This one is an absolutely stunning capture of these cats with a shallow depth of field and popping colours.

@the_jpeg_louch images

Capturing one of these Agamas on camera is not easy. They are fairly skittish and bolt at any chance. @the_jpeg_louch does a fantastic job of not only capturing it, but getting the detail absolutely sharp and a great contrast in colour.

@barblouns images

@barblouns shares this image of some buffalo brutes who look particularly surly, even though they have had a fantastic mud bath. The expressions, detail and colours are beautiful in telling you about these creatures.

@saraparkes image

@saraparkes captures this magnificent male lion as he rests and happens to cast his attention toward her. The textures, colours and expression are absolutely perfect in this photo.

@worldofweekends images

@worldofweekends share a moment of amazement with their game guide having spotted this chameleon in a tree at night, from a moving vehicle. What an incredible photo this is to capture the moment!

We are so grateful to all of our guests and visitors for capturing such beautiful moments and sharing them with us online. Please continue to share your experiences and tag us on them as you enjoy the natural wonder of Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

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