It’s Game Drive time

game viewing

It’s Game Drive time

It’s game drive time and the palpable excitement builds as you wonder what you will encounter along the way.

With such an abundance of wildlife that calls Nambiti their home, there is a surprise encounter around every corner.

Impressive vistas

The impressive experience of visiting the open plains, to find a host of antelope, zebras and more game feasting on the luscious greens leaves an indelible imprint on your mind.

Game Hide and Seek

The denser woodland areas offer a great opportunity to play the intriguing game of “spot the wildlife”

Driving past the dams, you just never know who you will see frolicking in the water or possibly sunbathing on the banks.

It could be any one of our four-legged friends or our feathered friends, all gathering to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.


Even Nambiti’s roads offer a great opportunity for some amazing sightings in the form of roadblocks and traffic jams. As always, the game has a constant right of way.

Photographers’ Paradise

For the avid photographer’s out there, there is a memorable, once in a lifetime moment around every corner, whether it be on the open plains, the dense woodlands, the dams or on the roads, the possibilities are endless.

Game drives are undoubtedly one of the favourite things to do for our guests (and our staff too). It is always a mixed bag of surprises and an opportunity to learn. Our nature guides are well versed in speaking ‘nature’ and delight in providing a top-class experience for their guests.

If you would like to explore which Lodges are available for your vacation (and hopefully game drive), feel free to visit our Lodges page on our website.


Thank you Amanda Joubert for the beautiful images.