Lion Queen of the South

Lion Queen

Lion Queen of the South

Lion Queen of the South

Nandi is our much-loved lion queen from the south.

For six years Nandi has been running the south of Nambiti Private Game Reserve. This lion queen is a well-set cat and also qualifies as the largest lioness I have ever worked with. So much so that you may even hear some guides affectionately referring to her as ‘Fat Cat’. But don’t be fooled, she is all muscle and a machine of a lioness.

Nandi is a big, strong lioness, operating at her optimum.

When new male lions arrived in the boma, and once Nandi realized there was extra male company, she began to frequent the boma regularly trying to befriend them.

On the day of the male lion’s release, she was there to woo them with an impala kill. Her strategy in this is that she can use their power to confidently encroach on the territories of other lionesses.

Nandi has recently started mating with one of the new males and we are hoping for pregnancy so the south of Nambiti can add a new pride.

With the new boys by her side, she ventures further and further around the reserve and is soon expected to begin meeting the other prides. What will transpire from there, we will have to see.

There is never a dull moment with the powerful Nandi taking on prey the size of eland and small giraffe from time to time. She is an incredible lion presence to be around, and is confident and at ease around the game viewing vehicles.

Come and visit our Nambiti Reserve lions for a true experience of the South African wild.


Article contributed by Willem Wium.

Photos – Willem Wium and Amanda Joubert