New Year | New Life

New Year | New Life

As we ring in a new year, many of us are committing to something new – a new exercise routine, a new job, a new diet plan. We celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings.

At Nambiti, we’re celebrating new life. Spring and Summer brought with them a sprog of Nambiti newborns, from wiry little warthogs to gangly giraffes.

The winning photo with the most likes was one of a sweet little zebra hiding between the camouflaged rumps of the rest of the herd.

First Place – Graeme Stewart (Ndaka Safari Lodge)


Second Place -Barrie Ellis (Lions Valley Lodge)

Third Place -Nolan Armstrong (Lions Valley Lodge)


Fun facts about baby animals

  • Elephants have the longest gestation period of all mammals. The average gestation period of an elephant is about 640 to 660 days, or roughly a year and a half.
  • Zebras are born with their stripes, which appear brown and white at birth.
  • Lions give birth to one to five cubs in each litter. Lionesses can give birth every two years.
  • When a baby giraffe is born, it drops about 2 metres to the ground and lands on its head.

View other photos from our Nambiti rangers that were up for running for the main prize:

Test your knowledge! Do you know the ‘baby names’ for these animals?

Some of them are rather tricky! You can find the answers below.

  1. Aardvark
  2. Bat
  3. Porcupine
  4. Lion
  5. Rhino
  6. Guineafowl
  7. Owl
  8. Eagle
  9. Elephant
  10. Hare


  1. Cub/ calf
  2. Pup
  3. Porcupette
  4. Cub
  5. Calf
  6. Keet
  7. Owlet
  8. Fledgling/ Eaglet
  9. Calf
  10. Leveret

How did you do? We hope you learnt something new.

Are you still thinking about those doe-eyed elephant calves? We don’t blame you!

The best way to enjoy the cuteness overload of our Nambiti newborns is to come and see them for yourself. We hope to see you soon!