Bushveld Traffic | Life In The Slow Lane

Bushveld Traffic | Life In The Slow Lane

The element of surprise is what makes every trip to Nambiti unique and unforgettable. Nature doesn’t follow a timetable, which means that travelling on the Reserve is always an exciting experience. Picture this…

It’s early morning, and the sun is just starting to peek over the African plains. The birds are already in full song as you enjoy a quick cup of coffee and dunk a rusk before bundling with a warm blanket in your game vehicle.

Before you’ve even left the lodge, you can see antelope and zebra grazing peacefully as they enjoy their leafy breakfasts. As you go along, you just never know what the morning’s commute will hold. Along the roadside, on the road or around the next corner, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised to come across bushveld traffic of all shapes and sizes – warthogs enjoying a rejuvenating mud bath after the rains, giraffes snacking on a succulent acacia leaf or two, maybe even an elephant trying to decide whether walking in the veld or walking on the road is the better option today.

Nambiti currently has over 40 species of game, including cheetah, giraffe, hippo, hyena, impala, eland and zebra. It is also the only game reserve in the area with the Big 5. And don’t forget about the birds! Nambiti’s 22 000 acres boast incredible biodiversity; including savannah, thornveld, riverine bush, acacia trees and extensive grasslands that mirror the plains of central Africa. With this natural variety and nature’s tendency to surprise, no Nambiti game drive can ever be the same.

Here’s what our guests have to say about the nature of Nambiti:

“On our last morning, we had just finished packing and were looking from our luxury tent across the savannah and were rewarded with the sight of a bull elephant grazing just on the other side of the two-wire electric fence. During our game drives, we came across a herd of elephant that slowly wandered out of the bush, giraffe, wildebeest, buck, warthogs and, to top it all off, a lion and three lionesses, the latter being pretty up-close and personal. And the African sunset while being out on a game drive was really special!” – Martin

“The unique viewing of elephant frolicking in the water was unforgettable!” – Trevor

“We were incredibly lucky to see so many wild animals: jackal, hippo, elephant, cheetah, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, kudu, lion and many more.” – Susie

Our rangers have even gotten to know the characters of some of our regular sightings. Most guests to Nambiti will be lucky enough to come across our big old daddy elephant called “BFE” (beefy), a gentle giant with only one tusk.

You’re invited to come live life in the slow lane that’s full of surprises. Come take a ride on the wild side with us!