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Nambiti Game Reserve has been involved with anti poaching and the protection of endangered species from the start. Originally there were elephant breeding programmes and there has been a focus on cheetahs and lions as well.

The game reserve is renowned for its incredible diversity and commitment to the preservation and regeneration of wildlife and ecosystems in the reserve. But Nambiti is also known for hosting the Big 5, which could potentially all be sighted in one day.

From the towering elephants to the majestic lions, these are some of the species that have benefitted from the breeding and relocation programmes hosted at Nambiti.

Why not watch a herd of wildebeest kicking up the dust in the sunset lit grass or a pack of cubs playing with each other as they wait for the weather to cool?


Nambiti is a place of wonderful diversity.

The vast open expanses with rolling hills and waterfalls, thick vegetation clustered valleys and a primal beauty that invites you to step into nature as well as wetlands and endangered flora.

Restoring the expanse from farmlands to 23,000 acres of prime game reserve was no mean feat. Over 100 kilometres of conservation fencing, an in-depth ecological research project, the sourcing of more than 40 species of game and intensive community outreach campaign took years to complete.

The management of this project has also meant that species of birdlife have increased in the area of the reserve.

Now both the savannah, grasslands, thornveld and riverine bushveld, as well as the wildlife present an area of unparalelled diversity.

Vets For Wildlife

Nambiti has the support of this charity that has aided in the building of the professionalism and capacity of the in-house anti-poaching team. Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the steadfast protection of wildlife and critically endangered species. By sending into the field accomplished and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play an essential role in conservation and the ongoing prevention of the decimation of these species through wildlife crime.

Weapons and tactical training are provided by the practised war veterans to increase the skill levels of the dedicated anti-poaching unit, with the aim of enhancing an already formidable force of protection that Nambiti Game Reserve employs. Nambiti wishes to thank these veterans and Veterans for Wildlife for donating their time and valued experience to the protection of wildlife and endangered species.


Nambiti is one of the few reserves in South Africa where the majesty of the Big 5 can be experienced free from the threat of malaria.

Balancing conservation goals with the needs of the local community, Nambiti has community representatives that sit on the board and have a voice in how the reserve is managed and maintained.

Nambiti has taken part in active management from the outset where 6 cattlefarms were joined and both the natural ecology and wildlife reintroduced and encouraged.

There are ecological management plans that have been introduced to ensure that vital aspects of the wildlife and their habitat are monitored so that trends will be noted, and management adjustments can be made accordingly.

This has ensured that Nambiti has a balanced and thriving ecological system over time.

The spirit of Africa will fill your soul
and the experience will remain forever.


From the outset of Nambiti, the goal was to restore the space to its natural ecological state and preserve the flora and fauna that exist here.

Careful management of veld condition and monitoring of animal populations as they were introduced has been a focal point, particularly in the supervision of the populations of lion, rhino and elephant.

Today, with the challenges faced by the poaching of wildlife, Nambiti has their own anti-poaching unit.  These armed guards monitor endangered wildlife around the clock on foot and vehicles, and using the latest technology and equipment, help to fiercely protect and preserve the game that exists in the Reserve.

The rhino in the reserve have been de-horned and are monitored 24 hours a day. All the lodges on the Nambiti Private Game Reserve receive a Rhino Conservation levy from their guests as part of their package which helps fund the anti-poaching team, to help preserve and protect our rhinos.

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