‘The Taste of Nambiti’ and how the gin came to be

‘The Taste of Nambiti’ and how the gin came to be

It was decided in early 2019 that Nambiti Game Reserve wanted to celebrate what it has to offer in a unique way. From this, the range of Nambiti Gin has been created.

It was determined that the range would start with two gins offering insight into two different aspects of Nambiti, being the incredible diversity of wildlife, vegetation, lodges and people; and also the iconic sunsets experienced on Nambiti. These gins are available to enjoy at the lodges in Nambiti, or to take home to have a reminder of a special safari, and hopefully will be available commercially at a later stage.

In preparing for the range of gins, Nambiti partnered with Ginologist, an award-winning gin distillery based in Johannesburg, which has its own gin labels.

After much discussing, it was decided that the range would proceed with Diversity and Sunset gins.

Nambiti Diversity

What sets Nambiti apart from other game reserves is the incredible diversity that exists. This is found in the wildlife, vegetation, lodges and people of Nambiti.

We wanted to embrace this legacy and decided to do so by launching Diversity, a clear gin with a lingering clean palate which expresses the diversity that exists in the game reserve.

Nambiti specifically harvested aloes from the reserve that are used in the distilling of the gin.


Nambiti Sunset

Deciding on a second gin, we knew we needed something iconic to safaris in Nambiti and settled on the Sunset gin.

Sunset has a unique flavour created by using, amongst others, fever tea bush harvested at Nambiti. This provides you with a gin that has a spicy zing which will leave your tastebuds dancing.

This is a rose gin, perfect for saluting the legendary Nambiti sunsets which make a safari feel like the absolute beating heart of nature in South Africa.

Nambiti Gin

The botanicals used to create the specific Nambiti flavours all originate in the game reserve. Our beautifully crafted gins are infused with these harvested botanicals to bring that extra special emphasis on our unique flavour born from our extraordinary reserve.

Don’t go home without experiencing the ‘Taste of Nambiti’. Ask at your Lodge or visit our website for information.